10 weeks, 4 days

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

We're in the 11th week! The homestretch (ha)! The homestretch of the first trimester anyway. It's weird how time can feel really slow and really fast all at once. I guess because in the beginning I was walking on eggshells much more so I compulsively checked the updates every day (hour) and now that we're entering the safe zone I feel much more relaxed and at ease with all the changes that are happening.

Speaking of changes, the bump is finally starting to form! Just this morning I was laying in bed and it actually felt hard compared to the bloat that's been living there since August. Baby will be the size of a lime by the end of this week, fingers and toes are no longer webbed and it's mouth is forming. I have a blood draw for sequential screening next week where I also think (?) I get an ultrasound so I'm hoping to get another picture. If not, we'll see him/her the day before we leave for Nashville in October which will be a nice little send off.

Other fun stuff...

I've been seeing our boy name pop up EVERYWHERE (street signs/town names, random people/TV...) so I'm taking it as a sign. We've had both our boy and girl names picked out for years and even though it's fun thinking about other names, these two feel very "us" and for me, these little people already exist in my mind. Also, besides a few dreams here and there, I have no inkling of the sex of the baby yet.

Cravings: I'm still drinking seltzer water almost daily just because it's so refreshing and a nice change up from regular water. Outside of that, I want all things warm and comforting like stews and hot drinks (--> vanilla chai tea is my downfall!). I've gotten heartburn easier the last two weeks so I'm avoiding onions and anything fried at the moment.

I bit the bullet and ordered some maternity pants already. The hair tie trick was getting old fast and I figured I'd need them sooner or later, so why not be comfortable now?

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