17 Week Belly Check & Nursery Update

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Just a quick update to say this morning's belly check went great! I saw a new-to-me doctor who is actually the president of medical staff at the hospital I'm delivering at and although he was definitely more brisk than what I had gotten used to, I appreciated his no nonsense approach. I also think I'll appreciate that sort of attitude when it comes time to PUSH ;)

Baby's tests for DS and Trisomy18 came back in the normal range and the next appointment we have is our 20 week scan! That's not for another month so I plan to just sit back and enjoy the honeymoon stage. I actually ordered a pregnancy devotional today which will hopefully act as a pregnancy journal as well as a way for me to absorb and cherish each day moving forward. Pregnancy definitely feels like one big waiting game but I'm told by everyone to just enjoy where I'm at because baby will be here before we know it.

Some other updates:

  • I've started feeling what I think are little movements which has been amazing. I can't wait for them to get more consistent and then for Ben to feel them too! 
  • We got lighting installed in the nursery and are looking at paint colors over the next couple weeks which I can't wait to cross off my list. I know we have "so much time" but a lot of that is going to be eaten up by the holidays so I'd love to get everything in order as soon as possible so we can just sit back and relax. I had initially wanted to go with a cream or beige paint color for in there but now I'm leaning towards a lighter, cool tone color like this now:

As for the lights, the A/C vent is smack dab in the middle of the ceiling so a pendant definitely wouldn't have worked. 

We went with four small, recessed lights in a perfect square around the room and the best part is they dim down super low and create a warm glow late at night.

Other than that we wrapped up the bulk of our registries last weekend and are in full-blown Turducken Day mode. I'm so happy we're hosting again this year and it will be wonderful to have all of our friends under one roof, especially with so many of us expanding our families at the same time. Happy November!

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