16 week update

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hello and happy hump day!  I'm trying hard not to miss any weekly updates but the days are flying by and if I'm not careful, I'm through a whole week without even thinking about it. Which brings us to today. So far, week 16 is going great! Baby has the appetite of a linebacker and I'm officially back on the veggie and spice train (the two things I hated in the first trimester). I haven't been able to eat things as spicy as I used to, but I'll take anything over the bland carbs I seemed to live on for weeks in the beginning.

My only aversions right now are onions (we had an unfortunate incident with french onion soup at 6 weeks) and oatmeal doesn't seem to be sitting well with me. I'm also having a hard time looking at meat. It almost feels like right after I gave it up last year and it physically makes me nauseous to look at it. It's not all the time and when I crave it, I'll eat it, but I've ordered some organic hemp protein to to help supplement my intake. It's a touchy subject for me because ethically I know what I want to do and what I plan to do after baby (and how I'd like to feed my family) but I also know I need to listen to my body. Right now, I'm cutting back on the amount I'm buying and eating it as my body "tells" me to, which isn't very often.

On the opposite end of the spectrum...cravings! The thing everyone asks about and is subsequently disappointed to hear about hah! My only consistent craving has been seltzer water. Other than that, if something sounds good, I want it in the moment, but it usually passes pretty quickly. I keep joking that working full time has kept me from giving into every whim and getting obese ;)

Baby will be the size of a pear and can now hear our voices. I make sure to talk to him/her a lot and even torture it with my singing from time to time which I'm sure it loves ;) My belly seems to be rounding out from it's previous "pointy" state and I should be able to start feeling movement in the next few weeks which I can't wait for!

Yep, wearing the same outfit as last choices ;) 
In other news, our computer is FINALLY fixed so we don't have to rely on our phones or B's work laptop at home anymore. I'm hoping this inspires me to get my butt into gear and get some recipes on here since I've been cooking up a storm.

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