13 weeks

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The first week of my second trimester has been really busy so I haven't had much time to reflect on it much until now. Between all the lists and packing and prepping for our leave (and worrying over whether Ivy is going to eat my mom's cats), we did manage a quick anniversary dinner on Tuesday at our favorite Mediterranean place. It was so nice to just stop and unplug...even if we did spend an absurd amount of time discussing the pros and cons of replacing our A/C vents versus just sealing them up again this winter. Sealing them won, if you're as invested in energy vs cost savings as we are ;)

We leave for TN early Saturday morning and although I'm nervous to leave my first baby behind, I know she's in good hands and I know even more that we need this. A real vacation, out of state, just for us. We get so wrapped up in work, house projects, and other people's lives that it's good to retreat back to Ben and Heather for a bit, especially since we're cooking a new member at an alarmingly fast rate. That family member will be 15 weeks along when we return (!!) and I'd love to do some non-pregnancy related posts, if anything just to flex my dusty, old writing muscles or finally jot down some recipes we've been loving.

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