Friday Favorites: Al Fresco

Friday, May 8, 2015

I always forget how nice that lingering afternoon sun is until it's finally here. It forces me to put away my to do list and focus on just relaxing outside and soaking up the quiet. Some pictures while we waited for B to get home from work . . .

forever my shadow
Sunday rest spot

And here are two of our four gardens below. I plan to get everything else planted this weekend and then I want to do a full post on what we plan to dry, can and freeze this season. I'm surprised at my green thumb but so happy for a hobby that both keeps me outside and active and feeds my family healthy food! Now if Ben would just let me get some farm animals (for pets ;))...
red & white onions
two types of tomatoes and four herbs
from bottom left, clockwise: basil. cilantro, rosemary and oregano
Dinner was oven roasted sweet potato wedges, grilled asparagus and portobello sandwiches. 

Topped with sauteed onions, rhubarb BBQ sauce and goat cheese, so good! 

Hope you all get a chance to enjoy the sunshine and warmth this weekend with the ones you love!

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