Wednesday Catch Up

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

...but it's actually our Thursday today! Yep, we're those jerks who took off an extra day on a holiday weekend. Memorial Day just happens to fall right after B's birthday this year so we decided to take Friday off together before heading up to the mountains with family. I have some fun things planned for him, and I can't wait to give him his big gift, but for now it's locked away in the spare room.

In other news (this is really an excuse for a photo dump and random ramblings btw), Ivy's been a trooper on my runs and I think I found the reason she's been pooping out so early on me - pavement! It's tearing up her poor paws. I found some longer paths that have grass alongside them and she's been keeping up better with me and even pulled me pretty hard on one of them. It's definitely one way to work on faster mileage. I've also been seeing this stuff a lot recently but it's hard to justify the price and I'm pretty sure she'd lick it all off anyway.

Although we've been focusing on outside projects, we did manage to finish making over our Craigslist dining set to something more our style. All the furniture we have is rustic/dark so this blonde oak stood out like a sore thumb. I love it now :)

And our first dinner at the table was (vegetarian) eggs Benedict. I haven't mastered the art of the poached egg yet so I lightly fried the eggs and put them over toasted ciabatta with some high-grade Swiss and homemade hollandaise sauce. And of course, roasted asparagus. I've been thinking about doing a weekly series on vegetarian eats (more for my own catalog than anything else) because I feel like I whip up  these awesome dinners and then forget to make them again down the road. Anyone else do that?

And with that, we're one day closer to the long weekend! Happy Wednesday...Thursday ;)

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