26 weeks

Thursday, January 7, 2016

I had my monthly belly check this morning which is always exciting! This was the first time they measured the fundal height and the doctor said everything is right on track and looks great. I also got a script for my glucose test which I'm going to try and knock out tomorrow. Here's hoping I pass with flying colors and all those Christmas cookies didn't do too much damage ;)

I was also able to talk to the doctor about some rib pain I've been having. It  basically runs up and down both sides and feels like I got rocked by a roller coaster pretty hard by the end of the day. It's not unbearable and laying down with a warm compress usually helps but I just wanted to bring it up in case they wanted to check it out. Like I thought, he said it's completely normal and that everyone carries differently so while some women might have upper or lower back pain (or none!) others feel it in their ribs. It doesn't help that I've already grown a cup size and that I'm carrying pretty high. I now know why everyone was telling me to enjoy the second trimester energy while it lasts haha. As the baby gets bigger, there are definitely some adjustments I've been having to make and slowing down is one of them. The third trimester is one short week away so I'm trying to tell myself to relax and take it easy!

Some other baby-related stuff this week:

We signed up for our birthing class which is next weekend. We have a busy winter and when I looked over the next couple months I realized that if I didn't schedule it for January, it wasn't going to happen until March and that's cutting it too close for me! Next up is to schedule the breastfeeding class and possibly some (optional) online classes, but those are a bit more flexible and can be knocked out on weeknights so I'm waiting on those. 

My shower date is set! I'm not one for surprises, especially when I'm rolling around with a big bowling ball in front of me so my mom and Ben's mom agreed to let me know when/where my shower is. I am really looking forward to seeing all my family together and showering this little baby with love. Since our nursery is pretty much done until we get more baby gear, March will be a fun month of assembly and nesting. 

Names! We've had the boy name picked out for years but have struggled to settle on a girl name. We're now down to three options and decided we need to meet her before deciding (if it's a girl). I honestly love all three and they all feel very "us" so we'll have to see what she tells us come April. 

Gender Guesses. All of our friends say girl, my whole office has said boy and as for Ben and I - we're undecided. I was convinced for like a month it was a girl but now I'm back to having no clue. Ben said he has no inkling either way. Obviously, we don't care either way or we wouldn't wait to find out but it's fun to hear other people's predictions. 

I had the work talk with my bosses this week which I sort of saw coming seeing as it's the New Year and we're just over three months out. Even though I was nervous to tell them my plans, the decision for me to stay home had been made since before we got pregnant and I knew they would be understanding since it's a family-owned business and they have three kids of their own. It feels really good to have it all out on the table and they were super understanding and respectful of my choice and even mentioned part-time/work at home options which I really didn't expect. It feels so good to leave it somewhat open-ended and be leaving on good terms.

PHEW that update was longer than I thought it would be but I guess a lot has happened this week! 


  1. Good luck on your glucose test! Your bump is so adorable. Are you going to do maternity photos?

    1. No, I don't think I'll do maternity-specific ones, but I'd love to do some informal family photos ahead of time and then save the big bucks for newborn photos :)