31 & 32 weeks

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Playing a little bit of catch up here.....

at 31 weeks we decided to check off a bunch of boring to do list items apparently!
  • picked our pediatrician
  • signed off on some insurance stuff 
  • ordered my breast pump
32 weeks:
  • Ben put together the car seat and stroller combo we received as an early gift from his mom and step-dad. They're stored in the nursery until we have time to get the car seat installed, but that will probably happen over the next couple weekends.
  • I had my bi-weekly belly check last Wednesday and everything looks good. I only have two more bi-weekly appointments and then I move to weekly!!
  • I am feeling good despite some hip pain but I read that could be due to baby dropping into position more. I've upped my sleep too which seems to make everyone happier :)

33 week update coming at ya tomorrow. We have a half day for a wedding out in Lancaster which will most likely be our last getaway before baby....unless we get the okay from the Dr. for a local babymoon :) 

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