30 weeks

Friday, February 5, 2016

I am so excited to be in the 30s! It's always surreal pulling up my baby app and seeing double digit days left. I'm at the point where people are saying "soon!" and "not long now!" and I guess in the grand scheme of pregnancy they're right, but the last trimester is definitely dragging for me because I'm just ready to meet this baby.

So, the third trimester! Almost like clockwork it brought on a bunch of changes:

Baby hiccups. Although I was initially worried about the baby's discomfort, I read that hiccups are brought on by the baby practicing breathing and it's a sign of a strong respiratory system and it doesn't affect them like it would us. I feel the hiccups super low and then at my appointment on Wednesday, the doctor confirmed that the baby's head is down so it makes sense. Please stay that way, little one!

Movement/Position: Since the baby is in position (for now), I've been feeling a good bit of movement affecting my bladder, cervix and tailbone/bum from it's head wiggling around. On top of that, instead of random jabs and pokes I've been feeling full body movement which is crazy. It's weird to think it's hanging out in there "upside down" but I read (lots of reading going on) that the umbilical cord regulates blood flow to them to control a rush, not to mention in utero they're basically in a zero-aerospace situation so they're floating more than anything else.

Heartburn. We'll have to wait to see if the old wive's tail is true but light heartburn has kicked in and doesn't seem to brought on by anything in particular that I eat. Usually popping a few Tums help and bonus for extra calcium!

Eating/Drinking: I'm still guzzling water like it's nobody's business but I've found that caffeine is affecting me a lot differently recently. I can barely drink a cup of home brewed coffee without feeling out of sorts so I might be switching over to tea soon. I've also found that I've been getting fuller faster and eating less seems to help my rib discomfort so I've been working on munching steadily throughout the day instead of my typical breakfast/lunch/dinner routine. Overall my appetite has gone down the last week or two but my/baby's weight gain is normal so I'm chalking it up to things getting shifted around in my torso.

One month until my shower!
10 weeks until baby is here!

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