Geezer Weekend

Monday, April 27, 2015

I think you're starting to grow up when you don't hate Mondays as much as you used to. Don't get me wrong, I still get a strong case of the Sunday sads, but my perspective on the whole thing is changing - it's Monday! A new week! A fresh start! Wow, I ate a lot of pizza this weekend! 

We had planned to get our veggie gardens in on Saturday but I guess we're too early because our usual place only had some herbs and lots of flowers. I managed to get rosemary, oregano and some onions in. Everything else is going to have to wait until after Mother's Day. Also, I feel like I'm sort of self-sabotaging here because if I manage to get pregnant over the summer, the issue of whether you can garden or not seems to be up in the air. All of our soil/yards are organic and not treated with anything so if it comes down to it, you'll find me out back in a hazmat suit because mama needs her pickled banana peppers this year! 

Since we found ourselves veggie-less, we worked on some landscaping instead. Ben's mom supplied us with a ton of plants from her garden, so I finally got started on some curb appeal out front. This little patch is a pain to mow so I'm told, so I started by ripping up the dead thing that lived there and lined it with hostas and this little silver bush (technical term). 

I want to make this whole front patch a little cottage-y garden with a bird bath in the center. 

Inspiration's gonna take a while to get there ;)

We also planted some fern-y type things on the side of the yard in hopes that it will spread all the way down the bank and B won't have to mow that anymore either. Because there might have been an incident last spring where we got the zero turn stuck and I saw my future with a legless husband bright and clear in front of me. 

Other than that we enjoyed a bonfire with friends on Saturday night, a bridal shower and golf respectively on Sunday and then a family dinner later that night. Huzzah to being old and lazy! 

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