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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

After much deliberation and talking (and talking and talking and talking) we have officially decided to start trying! I am so nervous and so excited and my brain pretty much can't focus on anything else these days. If I'm not asking my mom friends endless baby questions, I'm researching way too far into the internet for my own good. I've always been really nervous about the whole process, but in the same breath, I think I'll really enjoy being pregnant and of course, being a mom. I hope I don't eat my words in a few months on the pregnancy part when I'm barfing my brains out ;)

Right now, I am so absorbed with what my days will look like staying home with a baby. Just today I went home for lunch and stood in the would be nursery (which is currently Ivy's room). I pictured where the crib would go, and the rocking chair, and stacks of books and toys scattered around the room during play time. I thought about waking up throughout the night and how we will spend our days together.
Lots of my mom friends tell me the first few months are "survival mode" in that it's eat, sleep, repeat. This makes me think about our routine now and how easy I know we have it. It's crazy to think how vastly different everything could look a year from now. With that being said, I want to remember everything about this time in our lives. From the little moments together and fun adventures we're squeezing in before baby, to trying to conceive and my actual pregnancy. I can't believe we're starting this crazy ride!

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