24 weeks & Christmas Recap

Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry (belated) Christmas! This year felt pretty relaxed compared to years' past, mostly due to the fact that we had four (!) days off together which we spent spreading out visits with family, spending downtime at home, and seeing some out of town friends. It went way too fast as it always does, but we've got another short one this week which I plan to fully embrace by starting some new books and working on a few photo craft projects.

Christmas Eve started out nice and slow with some much needed pre-natal yoga in the morning, puzzling and putting away Christmas gifts from his dad's gift exchange which we did the previous weekend. Late afternoon we headed to his mom's for our annual Christmas Eve cousin get together. It wasn't the same without Josh and Jen there but they were snuggled up at home with a newborn so you can't blame them too much ;) Next year! Babies!

Nana's annual Christmas brunch was taken over this year by another family member on a separate day, so we were able to sleep in, exchange gifts and just hang at home eating cinnamon buns until we headed out for the day. Although it's hard watching traditions change, as families grow it's a blessing to be able to start our own traditions. We really spoiled Ivy this year and she surprised both of us by actually ripping apart her wrapped gifts. Needless to say, both cheapie toys are already demolished but she was also interested in her new harness, trying to put her head through it because she knows it means the park or a walk is coming. This harness is sturdier and will allow more control which will come in handy when I'm also trying to navigate a stroller. She doesn't pull too much but you can never be too prepared.

We kept our gifts to each other pretty light and practical this year but we both ended up getting each other 1-2 baby-related gifts and it started the water works per usual on my end. This little one is already so loved! 

Christmas Day also marked marked 24 weeks of pregnancy. I didn't think about it too much besides taking a quick wet-haired snap in the morning  but it sunk in more and more that we have just over three months left as we saw family and repeated our April due date. 

At 6 months:
  • I'm excited for my January checkup next week. I feel like I say this every time but the month long wait between appointments in excruciating, while the pregnancy overall seems to fly. Everyone keeps telling me that it might seem like it's going fast now but near the end it will drag. I'm looking forward to spending the last bit of my pregnancy at home preparing for baby. Part of me thinks I'm nuts and will go stir crazy but I also think it will be good to adjust to my new schedule and catch up with friends who are already home and get some practice in on their babies ;)
  • Finalizing my freezer meal plan. Since the baby will be born right when the weather is starting to turn warm, I am not doing anything too heavy (which unfortunately freezer meals seem to be based around) so I've had to get a little creative with healthier options. The plan is to start making them at the end of February/early March so they'll be ready in time but will still last us without getting freezer burnt. 
  • I'm still feeling really good overall. I've had some rib pain that I want to ask the doctor about but my SIL is passing along her pregnancy pillow to me which I think will help immensely. I've also been incorporating more yoga and walking into my routine which helps both my body and mind relax a bit.  

Happy short week!

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