25 weeks

Thursday, December 31, 2015

We hit another pregnancy milestone right on a holiday again this week - 25 weeks on New Year's Day! Since we traditionally spend the day at home taking down holiday decorations, cleaning and making our annual seafood bisque, I thought I'd get this up a day early. 

A few weeks ago when my emotions started getting the better of me we decided to keep a mental list of all the silly stuff I was getting teary-eyed over. Even in the heat of the moment I can recognize it's crazy, but it's hard to control and it's always funny to look back on and laugh about. Ben's list (so far) had me cracking up:  
  • Any pet commercials
  • Old guy car commercial (he's referring to this one)
  • too many pickles in the fridge
  • not knowing what to eat
  • every gift you open, especially baby gifts
  • feeling the baby
  • not feeling the baby
  • me not sitting on the couch with you*
  • me sitting on the couch with you*
  • Ivy**
*I want to cuddle but then I'm hot but then why aren't you sitting with me?? Haha it's musical chairs every night. 
**She has been such a cuddle bug lately and she definitely "knows" which makes it even harder on me. I cannot smother her enough with kisses and love. I cry at least once a week letting her know she'll always be my first baby and stressing over whether she is feeling loved enough. Ridiculous, I know but I can't help it. Look at that face.

One of the most tear-inducing Christmas presents we got was this handmade sign from my brother and SIL for the baby's nursery! I can't wait to hang it over the changing table this weekend.

Some belly pics from this week....

work bathroom lighting is the best lighting!

Ben snapped this one this morning since he's working from home today and I want to try and get one of all of us tonight as well. I really want to try and take more family pictures in 2016 which I don't think will be too hard with a new, cute addition :)  

Happy New Year!

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