hitting the halfway mark

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Like most first timers, going into pregnancy I had no idea what to expect. Being a naturally high-strung person, throwing pregnancy into the mix (which is known for it's huge hormonal changes) had me feeling extra apprehensive. Now that we're at the halfway point, I'm happy to report I am as mellow as can be. It's weird. And a huge relief. And also, sort of amazing. Sure, I still have my moments (mostly related to thinking about life after the baby is here), but overall pregnancy has fit me like a glove -- something I hands down did not expect.

I know every pregnancy is different, both among women and between each of your pregnancies, but this unexpected happy and easy pregnancy has me wishing for time to slow down. How are we at 20 weeks already? Everyone keeps telling me "just wait" and of course, near the end when you're huge and over it, I'm sure that's true, but right now I feel like we're in the sweet spot.

At 20 weeks:

  • Baby is kicking up a storm and I've even seen movement from the outside once. B has yet to feel or see the baby but I've been praying for that to change soon. Most nights we're all hands on belly in hopes the little one will perk up for dad. He talks to it every night when he gets home from work which makes my heart explode with happiness. He is going to be the best dad!  
  • I've had a few more predictions that we're having a girl mostly from friends, but also including the lady at the nail salon who immediately pointed to my 37 week pregnant SIL and said "you're have a boy, yes?" (yes!) and proceeded to me and said "you're having a girl". Well, then! We'll see, oh oracle of infants.
  • I've concluded that this is the craving-less pregnancy. With that being said, when I'm hungry, I'm hungry NOW. We stopped to grab snacks on the way down to the shore this past weekend and since I wasn't super hungry, I grabbed a greek yogurt and a kind bar. Ben practically forced his breakfast sandwich on me which was sort of weird until we hit the halfway point and I was hungry again (and where I ate my own snacks). Good call, Dad ;) 
  • Some days I feel like I look super pregnant and other days it feels like my belly practically deflated overnight. I think it all depends on where the little one is laying and how active it is. With that being said, my shirt selection is getting slimmer by the day and it's definitely time to start buying some maternity tops and sweaters to tide me over this winter. 
We have our halfway scan this Thursday and I cannot wait! This is the last time we'll see the baby for a while so I want to completely absorb the appointment and take in everything. Pictures to come! 


  1. OMG I can't believe you're halfway! So happy you're feeling relaxed. I hope you're having a girl, balance things out a bit haha. I can't even imagine how much I'm going to chow down when I'm preggo! Enjoy every moment :)

    1. Haha it definitely would balance things out! She'll give them all a run for their money I'm sure ;)