Cooking My Way Through The Beekman Cookbook

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

In my pre-baby days, I never followed recipes. I'd peruse through magazines or online and find something I thought looked good, but then make it myself without a second look at the actual recipe. Now? Mama don't have time for that.

I have been loving finding recipes for every night of the week and following through with them. Basically it's all spelled out for you and the brain portion of the work is done (which I really need by the end of that day). Do I get some duds? Sure. But it's usually nothing a little hot sauce won't take care of (or if it's REALLY bad, we order pizza...but that's pretty rare).

I received the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Cookbook and I. am. obsessed. I spent over an hour paging through it the other night and bookmarking everything. So far I've made two recipes and each time I think "this is gonna need x,y,z or this is not going to turn out" and each time the final product blows my mind. Last week I made the collard greens with apple and hot mustard dressing for Easter (everyone loved them!) and then last night I made the penne with roasted asparagus, peas, salmon and ramps. I failed to get pictures of either of them because we devoured them so fast but while I was stuffing my face a thought hit me. I should make it my goal to cook my way through this cookbook (inspired by my favorite movie Julie and Julia of course). We are entering prime produce season right now and are surrounded by amazing farmers who have become friends so we're always loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables. I've really been getting back into living sustainably so cooking more in season always has be excited to jumpstart both my green thumb and cooking healthier. Expect to see lots of recipe reviews and maybe even some around the house green projects. Happy cooking!


  1. I should totally bust out some of my favorite cookbooks. I'm just starting to be able to even think about cooking and I haven't looked at my cookbooks in a while! A good goal for me might just be to try and plan one cookbook meal a week (and then let Dave grill for the rest of the week haha).

    1. I can't wait to grill! This weather needs to get it's act together ;)

  2. Its crazy how having a baby changes your whole life game, am I right?. Let me tell you after watching Julie and Julia a good cooking my way through a cook book has me obsessed. Please turn it into a blog series.

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