Week 1 Meal Plan

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Yesterday, I posted about getting back on track with my eating so I thought I'd share my weekly meal plan. I focus my meal planning on dinners since we usually ate the same thing every week for breakfast and lunch (fruit, hard boiled eggs, avocado toast, salads, a big batch of veggie get the idea). Anyway, here is our (mostly) *vegetarian dinner meal plan:

Sun - crockpot detox lentil soup (this made a TON so we'll be eating this for lunch all week)
Mon - maple crusted salmon, roasted broccoli, and quinoa
Tues - veggie ravioli with roasted asparagus
Wed - creamy Italian baked eggs
Thurs - roasted veggie flatbreads (mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, asparagus + herbed ricotta)
Fri - leftovers or a freezer meal
Sat/Sun - Easter dinners at all the families' houses - yay for not cooking :)

Harrison is starting to eat more and more of what we eat so I'm really trying to keep him in mind when I meal plan our dinners. I've been working to up his veggie game and I've found that he really enjoys his veggies roasted so I usually set aside a small batch for him without salt or any spicy seasonings and he gobbles it all up - mom win!

*Once upon a time I was a vegetarian and then started eating meat again when I was pregnant and nursing but at a year post partum I've slowly been creeping back to eating mostly plant-based. I don't restrict Harrison to any sort of diet - he eats the rainbow and I make sure he gets a little of everything! And it's a good thing because he does eat EVERYTHING lol.

What's on your menu this week?
How do you meal plan with little ones in mind?


  1. I'm making Dave grill all week BBQ chicken, pork tenderloin, and some burgers. On the side I'm going to make a veggie filled pasta salad and my favorite side salad: spring mix, cucumbers, strawberries, goat cheese, pistachios, and craisins with a blush wine vinaigrette! Trying to get off the takeout train!

    1. We pulled out the grill last weekend and I can't wait to use it! We love doing kabobs so we can make a little of everything. Good luck jumping off the takeout train; you can do it!!