The One Week Secret

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ben left for a week-long business trip on Monday, August 3rd. This is also the morning I decided, against my better judgement, to take a pregnancy test. I say against my better judgement because A- it was obviously going to say negative because my period wasn't supposed to come until the following weekend. And B- if it is positive what the Hell am I going to do with this news while my husband is 20,000 feet in the air headed to the west coast? I had symptoms all weekend so I bit the bullet, peed on the stick and skittered out of the bathroom to make myself tea. Walking back in, ready to just feel sad and get on with getting ready for work, I glimpsed at the stick and there it was: two lines.

As anyone who's been TTC for a while knows, it's an emotional roller coaster filled with hope and anticipation which is then followed by disappointment and sadness when it doesn't happen that month. So when I saw that faint line I felt like I was in a dream. I immediately called my SIL and started bawling before squeaking out that I was finally pregnant. She has been my number one confidant throughout this whole process and the person who kept me sane and stayed my biggest cheerleader through it all. It's only natural that she'd be one of the first people I'd tell...even ahead of my husband ;)

Ben was due to land back in Philly early Friday afternoon and he thought I would be gone by then to Rehobeth with my girlfriends so I arranged my plans to leave later and surprise him at home (he was also leaving for a bachelor party). You know what they say about the best laid plans...I left at noon to get balloons and set up his surprise and then I waited and waited and waited. Traffic out of Philly was terrible so when he finally rolled in at 4:45 I was a bundle of nerves because I knew we'd both have to leave again shortly after 5 but there was no way I was waiting until Sunday after waiting all day (and week!). I heard him open the door and slowly walk through the living room and when he turned the corner he just broke into a smile and said "are we really?" "holy moly!" haha he's so cute.

Keeping this a secret from him all week was so hard but I'd definitely say it was worth it to see his face in person when I was finally able to tell him.

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