5 weeks, 3 days

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 11th, 2015

Symptoms: fatigue, sore boobs, bloating/constipation and light cramping every once and a while. The cramping only really happens after I eat a good-sized meal which makes me think it's my digestive track pushing against my expanding uterus.

Mama: is happy to have the symptoms I do so I "feel" pregnant. My first ultrasound isn't until September 11th, when I'll be at the tail end of 9 weeks, so any little thing that ensures me that the nugget is hanging on in there is a good sign in my book. No nausea yet and I'm okay with that. I'm crossing my fingers it stays away.

Craving: does sleep and cooler weather count? I'm not craving anything food-wise.

Baby: is the size of a chocolate chip, has been nicknamed peanut by it's father and has been prayed for endlessly by it's mama.

Right now:  the only people that know are my mom and our best friends, Josh and Jen. I'm excited to tell his parents this weekend and then our friends after our first appointment, I don't want to wish time away at all but I'm anxious to share our happy news with everyone.

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